closertothelost hold on momentarily we will be exploring a genre called “Chinagrass.”

I love this song.

Another downtempo one, albeit rather drunken and maudlin, posting it primarily for the costumes because….WOW.

closertothelost I knew I had something like this around here…*continues rummaging through itunes*


closertothelost try this one

OK this is definitely too slow for closertothelost but it’s my favorite of her songs and you can appreciate her craggy voice. Lots of drama. In case anyone needs to go to sleep. :P

QuestionThat song is going to make me fall asleep. I Youtubed "just by myself" and I like that one better. Answer

!?!??!! My internal metronome puts it at around 90 bpm. That’s a solid allegro.

You kids are so overstimulated by Mumford.

OK I will try to find some others…